Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!

A few photos from year’s past… “Lock of Love” at Shawnee Mission Park Stars and stripes forever On Today’s Date in the Past: Red, White, Blue…and Delicious! Stars and Stripes

Yellowstone Park:  Mama Elk (and Babies)

Yellowstone Park: Mama Elk (and Babies)

Several female elk were chilling in a meadow along a hiking trail at Yellowstone Park.  While making sure to keep my minimum 25 yards distance, I noticed that they seemed largely nonchalant about my presence, but yet still watchful.  That’s when I noticed two small baby elk tucked down in the tall grass on the … Continue reading

Yellowstone Park:  Elk Cow Eating

Yellowstone Park: Elk Cow Eating

I have only been to Yellowstone Park twice, and the last time was about seven years ago.  It is an absolutely magical place, especially this year after all of the rain.  The meadows are lush, the wildflowers are in bloom, and all of the animals are happy.