A Ridiculous Number of French Quarter Photos: Part Un

After wolfing down an extremely early breakfast, my camera and I had 30 minutes to walk through the French Quarter at dawn at a cafe au lait-fueled speed before the flight home.  Even at that early hour, the second I left the air-conditioned lobby of the Ritz-Carlton, I felt as if I’d stepped straight into a sauna.  Here is the first of a two-part post from the French Quarter under those conditions.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

French Quarter Photo #1.  A classic scene along “les rues” of the French Quarter, including the trash not yet swept away and the oil lantern.

French Quarter Photo #2.  The French influence on the architecture is very apparent.

French Quarter Photo #3.  If there’s a Mask Factory, then of course there should be a Cigar Factory.

French Quarter Photo #4.  The dawn of a new day at the intersection of Bienville and Royal.

French Quarter Photo #5.  Rue Bienville street sign.

French Quarter Photo #6. Cafe du Monde competition, although I bet they have much more limited business hours.  

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9 thoughts on “A Ridiculous Number of French Quarter Photos: Part Un

    • Yeah, sauna-like. It was awful. I know you’re originally from Texas, so you should totally understand this: I didn’t think anything could be more lung-crushingly humid than Houston in July. I was wrong…

    • LOL! I love your perspective! I had a lot of fun shooting away in the sauna-like conditions in the very limited time I had available to me.

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