My Favorite “Year of Pics” Photos So Far, from A to Z: Third Time is a Charm

Folks seem to really enjoy these A to Z posts, so here is another one, my third of the year.  There are so many talented photographers out there — amateurs and professionals alike — so check out this latest batch of some of my favorite shots in so far in 2012.

A – Asti White and Abbey Road

B – Biker in the Old Town, Buttercup and The Bench

C – Cork Factory, Carrer del Bisbe Bridge and Chime of the Day

D – Doylestown Walk in Reverse and Drinking

E – Emerging

F – Fisherman and La Fuente

G – Glacier and Glow

H – Happy Mother’s Day!Hanging Around and Her Ascent

I – Ingredients of a Dream

J – Jasper National Park and John Hancock Building

K – Kodak Instamatic and Karner Blue Butterfly

L – Leatherman Bridge and Lester’s

M – Mount Saint Helen, Mi Cafe, and Motherhood

N – New Day Dawning

O – Old and New and On the Verge

P – Pedestrian Crossing, Provence, Painterly Duck, and Pulsatilla

Q – Queen’s Offspring and Quack

R – Rural

S – Shirley Poppy and Sunset Sky

T – Take a Dive, Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish and Trebetheric to St Pancras

U – Unexpected Colors and Under the Bridge

V – Vineyard Treat and Very Close to Mom

W – Wave Pool and Wake Up

X, Y, and Z – Young and in Love and Halve Zolenpad

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14 thoughts on “My Favorite “Year of Pics” Photos So Far, from A to Z: Third Time is a Charm

  1. Thank you again shutterbug!! Am flattered you included my post (Her Ascent) here on your top pics :) also enjoyed looking at your other listed sites — great choices all around ~ Best Always RL

  2. I looked at all the photos you selected and must say that I am flattered that you chose my “glacier” photo to be in such good company. Thank you for introducing me to some great blogs that I hadn’t visited before.

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