A dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with ALS.  This is a shot of the wrist bands printed to help support her and others battling this devastating condition. Through Groupon, until February 2nd, you can donate $10.00 toward an iPad to help someone suffering from ALS communicate with their doctors and loved ones through text […]

I made it through the first month of my 365 project!  While I clearly have a l-o-n-g way to go with my pictures, I feel I’ve learned a lot this month. Here are some of my favorite shots as I reflect on the past month (click each thumbnail to see the original post):

Earlier this month, I posted this picture of my middle daughter’s gorgeous blue eyes.  These are the same eyes ready to perform on stage.

I spent all weekend, I mean ALL weekend, at a dance competition with my daughters. As I looked down at the program on my lap between routines, forgetting to stop looking through the view finder, I was inspired to take this shot.  (My daughter’s solo was to Adele’s Turning Tables, #91.)

…when you fit all the way in.