NOTE:  This was my original About Sage page when I launched my blog as a 365 project site back in January 2012.

I have always been fascinated with photography.  As a kid, back when cameras had film, I learned the basics of photography through 4-H.  While my projects often won blue ribbons at the county fair, that is the extent of my photography education.

Over the next 20 years — through college, kids, and career — I promised myself that “some day” I would get a nicer-than-point-and-click-camera and take some photography classes. While I recently made good on the camera part of that dream,  I’m still not sure how I can fit in photography classes with four kids at home.  So this blog, a 2012 resolution of sorts, will help me continue to work toward the other part of that dream by taking and blogging about one picture a day throughout 2012.

I hope that the sheer force of taking 365 photos in 2012 will help me hone my photography skills.  I welcome tips and constructive criticism from more talented photographers than I am who stumble upon this site.  If you see a photo you like, please feel free to link to the post on my blog or e-mail me at  The photos posted here may be amateur, but they’re my work and shouldn’t be used without permission.

I love hearing from you!

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About Sage Scott

Shutterbug Sage began as a 365 photo project.




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