When I decided to start my Year of Pics blog, all I felt was excitement.  It wasn’t yet the end of 2011, and we were experiencing unseasonably warm, sunny days here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA.  I took my dog on long walks, my camera around my neck.  I took my daughter to the park, snapping pics while she played.  I stretched myself like a runner would before a marathon, snapping lots of pics each of those days between Christmas and New Year.

Then a new emotion hit me:  fear.  The warm days wouldn’t last.  The holidays would end, and I’d be at work during the eight hours of sunlight we experience during the winter.  My evenings would be consumed with running the kids to their activities.  Whatever would I think of to snap a pic of on in the middle of January on a Wednesday night at 11:00 p.m. once the kids were all in bed?  How could I manage to shoot a week’s worth of interesting photos when piles of laundry and grocery shopping fought for those same hours of my time?

This fear intensified as I read blog after blog of amazing 2011 photos:  a young woman from Berlin who shot a year’s worth of street photography in black-and-white and a photographer who shared her top 11 photos from 2011.  My fear was made worse by the fact that I didn’t always live Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA.  I can relate first-hand to the black-and-white images of the streets of Germany.  I have wandered inside many European cathedrals and watched the sun break through the clouds and illuminate endless fields of tulips.  How on earth could I find something as interesting and beautiful to capture in my soon-to-be-frozen, generic, suburban world?

Then someone posted a list of photos to capture by month.  And I started breathing more easily.  Cups of hot chocolate?  A couple snuggled by the fire?  I can do this!  For I suddenly realized that it’s not an exotic location alone that makes an amazing photo.  Images of everyday life can be breathtaking with the right lighting, the right angle, and the right composition.  Any photo can tell a story…

And so while I do my best to learn the very basics of photography this year, I will also work on capturing life’s moments and using them to tell a story.  I am once again excited about this adventure and will push myself to publish 365 photos in 2012.  Actually, it will be 366, thanks to Leap Year!

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  1. I was a bit panicked today as well, then I realized any pressure I was feeling was all self-inflicted! Some days I’ll learn and do more than others, but that will be okay. …for you too.


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