I have decided to participate in LensProToGo’s 52 Week Photo Project this year.  More than 400 folks from around the world have signed up to post one photo each week that meets with the theme provided by LensProToGo.  As the project kicks off, this week’s theme is “A Self Portrait Without You In It.”  The idea is to submit a photo that symbolizes who we are or what we stand for, without actually using our own image.  To me, this assignment is harder than it sounds and seemed to require much more introspective thought than I tend to have the energy for at the end of the day.

When I think about who I am and what I represent, I think of the different roles I play and the responsibilities that keep me hopping from morning to night.  At the top of that list, I am the mother of four, a breadwinner, and a homemaker.  The job that compensates me with money is demanding, but the job that compensates me with hugs and kisses (on a good day) is even more so.  As a night owl, the time of day I cherish most is late at night when the house is still and I have a few minutes to myself.  In the summers, I love heading out for long, moonlit walks.  This time of year, the soft glow of candles or a fire burning in the fireplace provide the same type of quiet, peaceful comfort. In this image, I see myself as the taller candle and my four children as the candles that surround it.  While each candle is on its own pedastal, they are still connected by something bigger.

If you were taking a self-portrait, without you in it, what would your photo look like?

Other Project 52, Week 1 Photos.  Based upon the photos submitted so far for this week, here are some of my favorites:

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  1. I liked reading your post and agree that it’s a challenging assignment. I’ll be continuing to think about what my ” self-portrait without me in it” would look like even after I leave your site.

  2. Great idea! Good shot!


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