This week’s assignment for LensProToGo’s 52 Week Photo Project is Your Favorite Thing.  I have been thinking about this assignment since I first saw all of the January themes at the beginning of the month, and I think it’s the hardest theme of the month.  It’s hard, because I’m just not a “thing” person.  I mean, yes, I have things.  I have lots of things.  But things can be replaced.  My family cannot.

More detail was provided via the 52 Week Photo Project web site yesterday, ” What is the one thing you would most likely save if your house was on fire (considering your family, including all animals, were safe)?  If you could only keep one thing (again considering you could keep your family and pets) what would you want to save?”

I have a few things that I love for sentimental value.  For example, I cherish my grandmother’s rocking chair.  She died when I was pregnant with my twins, her first great-grandchildren.  I rocked all four of my babies on it and it’s still a part of my bedroom today, even though the “baby” is five and I haven’t sat in it for a few years.  While I love the rocking chair, I’m not sure that I’d go back into my house to rescue it.

The only thing I’d really push hard to save are all of my photos.  The only problem is, I’m struggling to think of an interesting way to capture 20 year of photos and negatives only partly organized on a  shelf in the basement and/or my external hard drive.

I’m going to have to keep thinking about this one…

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