I love hay bales to the point of possibly needing a 12-step recovery program.  They just speak to me, even when peeking out from behind an old, whitewashed fence.

If you know what I mean, you might enjoy this recent photo, as well.

UPDATE January 25, 2012

At Lindy’s suggestion, here is the same photo in black and white.  Which do you like better?

Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. I think this photo would look great in B&W too.

  2. Lindy, I just posted it up in black and white. I’m curious to see what you think! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. They’re both great! I actually prefer the original to the black and white in this case, but I think they just have different personalities. For me, I like the little bits of color that peek through the boards in your first photo. Cool shot.

    • I think I like the bits of color in the top option better, too, but I’m glad I tried black-and-white and will keep pushing myself to think more about that as an option. I’m longing for warmer weather and a day to hang out downtown and shoot b&w street scenes…


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