I made it through another month of my 365 project!  In addition to continuing to take pictures daily, I re-read my camera manual from cover to cover.  I hope I can incorporate some new tips and tricks into my March shots.   Below are some of my favorite photos from February (click each thumbnail to see the original […]

After a three-year absence, Leap Day is here!  What my kids are probably most excited about on this novel day is an end to me asking them to jump while I take pictures. I’ll bet there are some really amazing things I could do to this image in Photoshop, but since all I really know […]

For the past week or so, I’ve been trying to capture photos of my muses kids leaping into the air in anticipation of Leap Day tomorrow.  One failed attempt ended up being one of my favorite shots of the month.  On the eve of Leap Day 2012, here is my runner-up shot.  Stay tuned for my favorite […]

Following in yesterday’s footsteps (pun intended), today’s shot plays around with my kids’ shoes some more.  Only, this time I didn’t mess with the image in Photoshop at all. You Might Also Enjoy: LOVE to Dance Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows Dance Routine #91 Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Inspired by this “shoelace message” photo, I wanted to do something similar using my daughters’ dance shoes.  The original shot turned out okay.  I mean, there were more than enough ballet shoes in all sizes to use to spell out “love” on a wooden floor.  However, the soft, ballet pink color didn’t come through as […]