Normandy, France.

Rich in history — from the Norman Conquest to the D-Day Landing and Battle of Normandy — it’s hard to believe that this gorgeous, peaceful place has witnessed such bloodshed.  While I always feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the 10,000 young men (and a handful of women) who gave their lives  on D-Day, I also appreciate the region for what it is today.  I love the lulling sounds of the ocean waves while fishing boats reel in the day’s catch.  I love the sight of all the cows grazing beneath apple trees on lush green pastures beside stone farmhouses.  And, I love the food:  farm fresh salads, egg and cream dishes, chicken dishes, and the freshest seafood.

I was lucky enough to visit Normandy multiple times growing up, and more recently, I have been lucky enough to visit Normandy each of the past two years.  This photo was taken last September when I had a chance to share my favorite place on earth with my son for the first time.

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  1. Cool photo! I love how cows always stare at you. 🙂


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