February 24, 2012

Mini Marilyn Monroe

As February 29th approaches, I’ve been playing with the “sports continuous” mode on my camera so that I can capture a great “leap” photo to share on Leap Day.  I love this photo because although it was captured right as my daughter returned both feet firmly to the ground, it looks as if she’s standing over a vent that’s blowing her dress up a la the classic Marilyn Monroe pic.

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  1. I love this! Great composition & cropping too.

  2. That’s great! Your pictures always give me ideas for stuff I want to try…although I don’t think my husband would be happy if I had the boys in dresses or tutus! I wonder what they could wear that would blow like that?

  3. Great! Perfect moment! love it!

  4. This is a darling image! I think it’s better this way than if you had caught her leaping. Great job!


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