February 26, 2012

LOVE to Dance

Inspired by this “shoelace message” photo, I wanted to do something similar using my daughters’ dance shoes.  The original shot turned out okay.  I mean, there were more than enough ballet shoes in all sizes to use to spell out “love” on a wooden floor.  However, the soft, ballet pink color didn’t come through as much as I would have liked.  I can still barely navigate Photoshop, but tried to color in the shoes to punch up the pink a bit.  While I believe I technically did what I set out to do, the color is now a little too intense, and I don’t have the heart to go back in and recolor everything.

I will keep trying.  Suggestions welcome!

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Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Hey, great pic! I would just somehow, make the floor look a bit rougher, to make the contrast better between delicate ballet shoes and the wood…maybe even to use the contrast of selective color..to have the floor black and white and the shoes pink. All in all..just a small suggestion, to try out, but love the idea!

    • Good feedbacki, Anja. I am going to try with just pointe shoes. (Thankfully my oldest daughter has already burned through her first pair so I have four shoes to work with.) I’m also going to play with the processing a bit or I may also try to arrange them on a different wood than my kitchen floor. I appreciate your suggestions!


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