As February 29th approaches, I’ve been playing with the “sports continuous” mode on my camera so that I can capture a great “leap” photo to share on Leap Day.  I love this photo because although it was captured right as my daughter returned both feet firmly to the ground, it looks as if she’s standing […]

…I want to be My Cat. My trip home from Lexington yesterday took 11 hours and included an unexpected visit to Chicago.  (Just as a reference point, my GPS says I could have just driven home in nine hours.)  After crawling into bed after 1:00 a.m., morning came all too soon.  While I had to get up, […]

This week’s 52 Week Photo Project theme is Laughter.  While this subject seems more straightforward than Song/Movie theme, for example, what I’m struggling with is coming up with a photo of laughter that really tells a story.  I want to capture a moment that really tickles your heart and makes you want to laugh, too.  I welcome […]

On the way from Lexington to Louisville to fly back home, we made a brief stop in Frankfort, Kentucky’s state capital.  While the current capitol building is absolutely gorgeous inside, I really enjoyed this view across the Ancient Greece-inspired front of the Old State Capitol that was used from 1830 until 1910. You Might Also Enjoy: The […]

If you come across an unusual name in Lexington, Kentucky, chances are it has to do with a race horse.  Arkle, Buckpasser, and Funny Cide are just a few examples of street names or conference room names you might encounter.  Therefore, I thought it was appropriate to share this image of a race horse statue in […]

I have to get on a plane in a short while.  I’m not the most fearful air passenger you’ll ever encounter, but I’m also not the most relaxed.  Thank goodness I have a fist full of these little lovelies!  I think a glass of wine each leg of the trip will do just the trick, […]

When I first started using Pinterest, this was one of the first photos that caught my eye.  On Friday afternoon, as we were preparing for the Friends and Family Showcase, the conditions seemed right to give it a try:  The afternoon light was ideally streaming through the living room windows.  My middle daughter — the […]