Liberty Memorial, a tribute to the fallen solidiers of World War I, is currently under renovation.  So instead of showing you the tower in it’s current state, here is a view of Union Station with Kansas City behind it from the base of Liberty Memorial. You Might Also Enjoy: Project 52, Week 10:  Looking Up […]

When I started the Ridiculous Number of Bridge Photos series, I had two thoughts: Holy cow, I have so many shots I love of bridges, how will I ever pick the ones I want to share on my blog? This is going to be an insanely busy week at work. So I thought I’d pick […]

We interrupt A Ridiculous Number of Bridge Photos to bring you this week’s Project 52 photo.  This week’s theme was “Up on a Shelf.”  After wandering through my house looking at all of my shelf options, I found myself in my living room torn between my wine rack and a large collection of books.  I […]