When I started the Ridiculous Number of Bridge Photos series, I had two thoughts:

  1. Holy cow, I have so many shots I love of bridges, how will I ever pick the ones I want to share on my blog?
  2. This is going to be an insanely busy week at work.

So I thought I’d pick my seven favorite photos and share them over the course of a week.  That would allow me both share my very favorite images and allow me to reinvest my daily photo blog time into work instead.

But it’s Spring Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA, and there are too many gorgeous things to share besides bridges.  Winter is gone and the dull grey that has surrounded us for months is being replaced by bulbs in bloom, trees flowering, birds singing, and horses grazing.  There’s also the schizophrenic weather that accompanies spring in the Midwest.  There are extreme, sudden changes.  It’s not uncommon to witness dark, angry thunder clouds on one half of the horizon butting up against blue skies with sunshine and white, puffy clouds on the other.

I guess all of that is to say that these are my last two favorite bridge photos (for now), and that I will still post another, non-bridge photo at some point today.

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Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Love the shadows and the leading lines of the first bridge in today’s post.

    • Kathy, thanks! I seriously took over a hundred photos of these bridges and as I tried to pick just seven of my favorites that image stood out because it was really different than many of the rest.


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