March 26, 2012

A Meadow in Bloom

I set out for a walk along the trail south of Lake Lenexa hoping to capture some new piece of magic, but the entire experience was full of missed opportunities.  As I peeked over a bridge looking for a pair of mallard ducks in one of the usual spots, I looked up to find three gorgeous deers staring at me from less than 50 feet away in a bit of a clearing in the woods.  As I fiddled with my lens cap and turned on my camera, they bounded effortless up the hill and deep into the woods before I could fire off a shot.  The rest of my walk was uneventful.  I checked each stream for frogs and snakes.  Nothing.  While there are always rabbits, squirrels, and birds all along the path, it was very quiet today.  It was if all of the woodland creatures were taking a siesta due to the unseasonably warm day.  As I looked over the railing of the last bridge on my way back to my car, I missed a photo op with a big frog on a log only to turn and walk to the other side of the bridge and see a pair of mallard ducks swimming past around a tree-lined bend and out of view.

Thankfully this meadow along a different trail wasn’t going anywhere…

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  1. Wildlife – especially deer – is so hard to get photos of! I like the feet photos.


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