March 31, 2012

March Wrap-Up

While March is typically very temperamental weather-wise Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA, we ended up having a relatively lovely month with lots of sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures.  The daffodils and tulips that usually don’t peak until April have already come and gone, and everywhere things are blooming and greening.  It sure is much more exciting to be outside snapping pics in these conditions after two months of grey, dreary winter weather.

Below are some of my favorite photos from March (click each thumbnail to see the original post).

Which image is your favorite?

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Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. The on with the dog is awesome! Haha great photos 🙂

    • My dog is the most challenging subject to capture! At first I was so upset that I had so many things going for me in this pic but the top of his head, but now I kinda like it this way. I’ll keep trying…

  2. Wonderful March photos. I just love the second one with the dog. It has this lovely, happy atmosphere in it. 🙂


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