April 1, 2012

Udderly Adorable

Last month I was on a bridge kick and posted a ridiculous number of bridge photos.  This weekend, after venturing a bit outside of Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA, I had such an amazing time befriending cows that I now bring you a ridiculous number of cow photos.  But, rather than sharing one of my favorite photos each day for a week (like I did with the bridges), I’m posting all of my favorites right here, right now, in this post, mostly because I’m so excited by these images I can’t possibly wait.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my better half grew up on a ranch in Montana.  Having been greatly outnumbered by cows for the first 22 years of his life, he finds my fascination with them beyond baffling.

What do you think?  Are they cute, or what?  Which is your favorite?

Cow Photo #1.  This is the guy who started it all.  He was standing close enough to the fence that he caught my attention, caused me to pull over, and hike about ten feet up a hill to the fence. He was very cautious at first, but as I approached very slowly he stood still and just stared.

Cow Photo #2.  Up the small hill by the fence I could see that there were several other cows in the pasture.  This cutie pie reminded me of the white cows I saw throughout Normandy.

Cow Photo #3.  He was also very cautious at first, but slowly warmed up and approached me by the fence…

Cow Photo #4. …with a little help from his friends.  I guess they felt there was safety in numbers!

Cow Photo #5.  After I scratched his nose, he was my new best friend and was practically puckering up for a smooch!

Cow Photo #6.  And seemed sad when it was time to leave. 

Photo #6 is the only image that was edited beyond minor cropping and the addition of my watermark.  With it I enhanced the background blur just a touch to allow the cow to “pop” a little bit more.

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Join the conversation! 5 Comments

  1. AHA! You have now prompted me to post my cow pics (tomorrow).

  2. I love #5.

  3. Number 5 is just awesome!!

  4. The second to the last one is my favorite! Hahaha so cute 🙂


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