Believe me when I say that my better half and oldest daughter would have screamed like girls if they’d been with me when I shot this.  Actually, I guess one of them is a girl…

I was able to capture this spider spinning her web on part of a bridge.  It took a lot of effort because it wasn’t a very big spider and the fine detail of the web was hard to capture over the boldness of the creek below and trees in the background.  It took some effort, but in the end, I’m pretty excited with the result.  I kind of like the way the light on creek adds the blue portion of the background.

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  1. Great shot… Not an easy subject to photograph.

  2. I hate spiders – but great photo! The focus is perfect. I took one for my project 365 too:

    • Lindy, what a great photo! I love the angle at which you captured it as well as the consistent background that allows the web to really “pop.” It almost looks like the same kind of spider I saw, don’t you think? They must be a popular breed here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA.

      • Yeah, they both look pretty similar. That spider was right outside my apartment for several days, so one night I climbed a ladder and my husband held a flashlight on it while I took at least 20 photos. It took quite a while to get the focus just right. The worst part was being so close to it … ick! (I’m lucky to have such a patient husband when I come up with crazy photography ideas.)

      • Wow! That is an amazing “behind the scenes” story!

  3. *gasp* I have a soft spot for spidey’s, bugs, and reptiles. You framed and backgrounded him well. I have a couple of shots in my critters album which you can access here:


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