Whether they’ve signed up for a 52 week themed project or are taking a photo a day for a 365 project (more accurately 366 project thanks to Leap Year), there are some amazing photographers sharing some gorgeous photos.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot in these past three months and keep dreaming of a week when one of my photos will be picked for the weekly Wrap-Up post on LensProtoGo’s blog.  It’s good to dream!

Here are some of my favorites so far in 2012:

A – Automobile

B – Barley Field

C – Cooking and Coach Gates

D – Double Take

E – Eyes on Me

F – Fruit

G – Get Creative

H – Hidden Treasure and Hulk Hogan in the Window

I – Insanity

J – Joy in the Chaos and Juno

K – Kid with a Camera

L – Love and Lone Barn

M – Military Family and Memories

N – New Zealand

O – On a Shelf

P – The Passage

Q – Quite Like Hitchcock

R – Running After Her

S – Studio Entrance and Say Cheese!

T – Three Generations of Photos

U – (down) Under and Unzipped

V – Very First Hint of Spring

W – Wreath and Wine Glass

X, Y, and Z – Yakkity Yak (Bring in the Dog and Put out the Cat)

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  1. I love the wine glass, OK I’m getting some wine now lol

  2. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • You bet! I am just amazed at all of the amazing photos out there every day. I’m already starting to work on an A-Z post “take two.”

  3. I love the A-Z idea!

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing these.

  5. I love your selections. Glad you stopped by my blog. Hope you visit again.



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