April 8, 2012

Egg Hunt

Yes, today is Easter, but this post is about a different kind of egg hunt than you might think…

Nest Photo #1.  On a trail walk in March, I came across this nest.  It was significant, because I am terrified of heights and this one was just high enough off of the ground that I could peek into it on tiptoes.  Unfortunately, the nest was empty, and that fueled my desire to capture one with eggs as Spring marched forward.

Nest Photo #2.  On a trail walk in the south part of town I spotted this nest.  It was high up in the tree, but the tree was suitable for climbing.  Of course I am not mentally capable of climbing the tree, but my oldest daughter, the lithe ballerina, could easily be boosted up in the tree to check for eggs.  Unfortunately she wasn’t with me at the time.

Nest Photo #3.  A short while later I had talked my daughter into heading back out on the trail and climbing the tree for me.  The nest was easily 15 feet off of the ground.  And (big bummer) it was empty.  NOTE:  My daughter took this photo, not me.  

Nest Photo #4.  Meanwhile, back at home, this crazy red bird continued his assault on my office window.  It’s not a cardinal, but some other sort of angry red bird who must see pigs in the window, or something, because he spends his days in an endless cycle of hurling himself at the bird in the window, flying to a high brand in the tree, and chirping his head off.  After snapping this photo of him, I noticed for the first time a nest right in my front tree, right under my nose.

Nest Photo #5.    The nest right under my nose over my head.  The tree really isn’t a good one for climbing, but since it is in my front yard, I had many more options than out on a trail walk.  First I dragged a small step ladder out into the front yard.  It wasn’t tall enough to allow me to peek into the nest, but it was tall enough for me to stretch my hand way up and into the nest.  Very gently, my fingertips rested on a few small eggs, and I squealed with delight.  I put the small step ladder back into the house and lugged the six foot ladder out into my front yard, over the brick border, and up into my ivy.  My heart beat frantically in my chest with each step I took up the ladder, but I tried to hold on tight to the tree and to not look down.

Nest Photo #6.  I imagine I’ll be dragging my six-foot aluminum ladder out into the front yard every so many days this Spring in order to keep tabs on these little eggs as they hatch and grow.

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Join the conversation! 12 Comments

  1. These are beautiful and challenging photos!! I love them 😀 man you are patient, I still need to learn that lol

    • These photos didn’t really require patience. But the 500 photos I took of mallard ducks at the pond today? That is another story! And, I still can’t master them taking off or landing. Ugh!

  2. When I saw your first nest pictures, I thought they looked great and it didn’t seem necessary to try to get one with eggs in it. However, having seen that last shot…Wow! Those eggs are beautiful and it totally makes the picture. Beautiful.

    I don’t have a fear of heights, but those nest pictures would be scary for me due to a semi-irrational fear of birds. I’d be totally freaking out that mama bird would come back while I was snapping the pictures and I’d be maimed in a violent pecking and clawing incident! I DO love the pictures, though, so maybe I too will face my fears. Maybe.

    • I didn’t even think about a bird attacking me, even after I spent my morning down by a pond snapping 500 photos of geese and mallard males while my better half teased our youngest, “Watch these guys have enough of the pics and attack mommy.” Now that you mention it, I will have to be very careful when I drag the ladder back to the tree each time for an updated peek, especially when my new little friends hatch!

  3. Love that last picture! Those eggs are beautiful!

  4. I really like the bird looking through the window. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  5. Great shots all around but the eggs are just the best!!!

    • Thanks, Gina! I have a nest update to post tonight or tomorrow. But, unfortunately it’s not the update I wish I was posting. 😦


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