When I first started thinking about my 365 project, the 2011 street photography recap featured on Klara’s Street blog captivated me.  As I’ve followed other 365 project photobloggers, like Inga and Photobach, I’ve been amazed by their street photography photos.  Unfortunately, life Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA is not particularly conducive to street photography.  We drive everywhere.  Public transportation is essentially non-existent.  Main Streets and City Centers have given way to strip centers and malls.  Based upon my experience, there are really only two places around here that make for good street photography:  the Country Club Plaza and Lawrence, the nearby college town that is home to The University of Kansas.

The first time I visited Lawrence, which was while I was still living in the Bay Area, it reminded me of Telegraph near Berkeley in California, only Lawrence is much colder in the winter, and it’s much further from the ocean.  None of my subsequent visits have disappointed me or shaken me from this initial impression.  And so without further ado, here is my first attempt at street photography.

While there were plenty of interesting folks milling about on the sun drenched streets of Mass Street, this Guy with a Skateboard just fell into my lap.  As my girls and I sat at a bar by the window of a deli enjoying a late lunch, he flew by on his skateboard on the sidewalk in front of us.  He quickly doubled-back, stretching out on the bench just outside the deli window, lighting a smoke, and watching the people.  I was able to sneak a photo without him being any wiser.  My girls and I thought he looked a little bit like scruffy Brad Pitt, right?  After all, he is from Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA.

What do you think?  How did I do on my maiden snap?  What tips and tricks can you share about street photography?

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  1. Great photo! I’m glad you made it black and white. I love black and white portraits 🙂

  2. I think that your maiden snap turned out quite well!

  3. très belle photo.

  4. I really liked this shot. I love the way he looks so relaxed and that the skateboard stands next to him. It tells a story, which is what we want from a street shot, isn’t it? Thanks again for linking to my blog. 🙂


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