My Facebook status from earlier today:

I lucked out and had about 20 minutes to walk on the beach and take a few photos.  I struggled to capture anything interesting of a moving gull, but I have these to share.  They didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped, but maybe I’ll have another chance to take a few more tomorrow.

Do you like either image?  If so, which is your favorite?

Photo #1 Seagulls.  A flock of seagulls hang out watching the waves for an afternoon snack.

Photo #2 Seagull.   A sole gull watches the waves.   

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  1. They are terribly hard to capture on camera. I think both are good but favor the first pic. I keep trying to get pictures of them in flight but they’re faster than me! What beach? I have the advantage of living near the ocean.

    • Debby, it’s good to hear they are tough to capture. That makes me feel encouraged to keep after it and keep trying. I have one day left of my business trip in Miami, so maybe I can try it again today.

  2. I like the first photo the best – I like the composition & the waves!

  3. First is my favorite. Looks very nice!


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