No, not livestock (for once), but stock flowers.  These fragrant, purple beauties are in bloom all over the starting point of the trail I like to walk at Lake Lenexa right now.  I couldn’t pick just one favorite, so I thought I’d take the “one thing, three ways” approach I’ve seen other 365 project photobloggers use.

What do you think?  Which is your favorite?

Stock Photo #1.  The portion of the walking trail at Lake Lenexa is full of gorgeous, purple stock flowers.  It is almost as fragrant as the Loose Park Rose Garden.

Stock Photo #2.  As I was snapping photos of the stock with the lake in the background, my youngest daughter tugged on the back of my shirt and whispered, “Look, Mommy, a butterfly!”  I was able to quietly turn and capture this gal taking a breather on the stock.  While this butterfly photo doesn’t posses the beauty and detail I saw on Sarah’s blog yesterday or Garden Path’s blog the day before, I am just thrilled it’s a halfway decent capture.  Between the time I spent trying to capture much larger, orange butterflies along the boardwalk last week in Miami and the time I spent after this capture trying to do better at Lake Lenexa, who knows when I’ll be able to manage another!    

Stock Photo #3.  This is what these pretty flowers look like close up.

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  1. I love the butterfly one…but they are all lovely.

    • TBM, I’m so glad to hear it! It wasn’t the butterfly shot I’ve seen others master, but I’m sooooo excited it turned out! I really owe it to my little girl, I would have totally missed the photo op without her help!

  2. So great with those different perspectives. Beautiful. 🙂

  3. Oooo the first one makes me want to frolic through it 😀 HAHA They are so pretty!


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