Kansas City has more fountains than any other city in the world, except Rome, Italy, and this is my favorite.  The Pomona Fountain on Ward Parkway is dedicated to the Roman goddess and protector of vineyards and orchards. And considering how much I enjoy wine, I need someone to watch over those vineyards on my […]

The two white marble mermaids in this fountain were more than 200 years old when they were crafted into this fountain in 1930.  Coins dropped into this fountain, like the one my youngest daughter dropped in wishing for a baby sister, are donated to Children’s Mercy Hospital. While this fountain is one of the more simple ones […]

While I appreciate the amazing street photography shots I see posted by my fellow photobloggers, like Cornelia at StrassenFotoJournal and Photobach, I struggle to have the confidence to frame up and shoot what I see without feeling like a stalker.  Here’s one shot I was able to sneak in at the Plaza earlier this week.  Tips, […]

Besides an early spring, we’ve had essentially no rain this April.  Thankfully, things are blooming like crazy nonetheless.  If April showers typically bring May flowers, I’m hopeful that all of the beautiful April flowers will bring us more showers in May.  Instead of boring you with a ridiculous number of flower shots one-by-one for a week […]