Besides an early spring, we’ve had essentially no rain this April.  Thankfully, things are blooming like crazy nonetheless.  If April showers typically bring May flowers, I’m hopeful that all of the beautiful April flowers will bring us more showers in May.  Instead of boring you with a ridiculous number of flower shots one-by-one for a week […]

I’ve mentioned before that my other half grew up on a ranch in Montana.  Along with all of the cows, there were a few horses.  What he has in skill as an accomplished rider I have in admiration for these magnificent creatures.  Here are a few photos of horses taken during the month of April that […]

After spending what seemed like an hour trying to capture the bees buzzing around my blooming herb garden, I had a deeper appreciate for the expression “busy as a bee.”  Good grief!  It took an amazing amount of effort to position myself, frame up the shot, focus on the bee, and pull the trigger before the […]

The elegant entrance to the Halls Department Store on the Country Club Plaza. You Might Also Enjoy: Girl with Pigeon Horse and Buggy on the Country Club Plaza Union Station, Kansas City

If you walk your dog on the Country Club Plaza, be sure to pause for a drink of water from the granite doggie bowl outside of Tivol jewelry store. You Might Also Enjoy: Running Through the Tall Grass Anticipation:  The Walk