At least every other day, we’ve been dragging the ladder across the yard and climbing up to peek into the nest.  Two days ago, there were still two of the three original eggs in the nest.  But today, there was just one egg left.

Anyone have any thoughts on what’s causing the eggs to mysteriously disappear without hatching?  Is there a certain critter that likes to dine on robin eggs?

As a bonus pic, check out who else climbed the ladder…

Without any of them hatching, there is now just one of the three original eggs left in the nest.

While the ladder stood in the entry way before making its way back out to the garage, Cali climbed up to survey her kingdom. 

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  1. I don’t know what might be happening to them…but I was thinking the same thing as I read your post ~ noticing that no egg shells were left as a sign of hatching on the nest or anywhere around that you might notice. One of nature’s mysteries for now I suppose.

    • What creeps me out is the idea that some nasty snake is slithering up the tree at night and snacking on them. Ew!

  2. cali took the eggs! lol

  3. I don’t know what happened, but I like the shot 🙂 Perhaps another bird is steeling the eggs?

    • Do other birds DO that?!?!

      • I’m not sure. I know they sometimes lay there egg in another birds nest, so I guessed some may steel other eggs to. But I’m really no expert, this was just a wild guess.

  4. I wish I knew about the eggs to help you out 😦 As for Cali, I love her so much! HAHA! What a beauty and look at those colors! I need to see more pictures of her in the near future 😛 Says, the crazy cat lady lol

  5. Here in the UK various bird species will steal eggs including the jay, magpie and great spotted woodpecker. But if you have squirrels in the neighbourhood they could well be the culprit too.

    PS thanks for visiting The Naturephile and pressing the ‘Like’ button 🙂


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