After another set of strong storms hit, we once again pulled the ladder across the front yard and peeked into the nest.  While we held our breath and hoped to see that the last egg had hatched, we saw simply an empty nest.

On my last post, Finn over at The Naturephile said that squirrels are known for stealing bird’s eggs.  I had no idea, but after some additional research, and considering the number of squirrels in my neighborhood, that is probably the most logical explanation.  Now when folks ask about the eggs in our nest and if they’ve hatched yet my kids will say that the squirrels wanted to make an omlette.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve solved the mystery of the disappearing eggs. Thanks for the link. BW. Finn 🙂

  2. oohh 😦 bad squirrels!

  3. I had to explain the same thing to my kids last year. They were not amused with the squirrels ;P


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