This week’s theme for my 52 Week Project is “Shoes.”  Because my three daughters are dancing all weekend in a competition, I wasn’t sure I’d have a chance to take a fresh photo for this week’s topic.  Plus, I have already done several shoe shots so far this year.  (See the links below.) As luck […]

…she will let the WORLD know! (You might have to click on the image to read her comment.) You Might Also Enjoy: LOVE to Dance Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

While this is probably not the most interesting shot you’ll ever see, I just couldn’t prevent myself from pulling my camera out of my purse sitting shotgun in the car, checking for cars in the rear view mirror, slowing to a crawl, and quickly snapping this shot out of the driver’s side window.  The sun […]

While cleaning the pool, I saw a ladybug leisurely swimming in the deep end.  I scooped her up and handed her off to my youngest who had a grand old-time playing with her like a pet and calling her “lady.” Do you have a favorite image below? Ladybug Photo #1.  Sofia and “Lady” meet each […]