Try as I might, I have had a hard time finding baby ducks to photograph here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA.  On a recent duck hunting trip to Lake Lenexa, the mating pair was having Date Night and left the “kids” at home.  I checked all the usual locations along the Indian Creek on a recent walk and was about to leave empty-handed when I finally spotted Mama Duck splashing with her babies where the water bubbles over some bigger rocks.

I’m not entirely pleased with the quality of these shots.  I had to take them on maximum zoom and they aren’t as sharp as I’d like them to be.  But, they’re all I have of ducklings so far and wanted to share them anyway.  Plus also, ducklings with their Mama seem like a good post for Mother’s Day.

Any tips or tricks to share with me?

Duckling Photo #1.  The Mama Duck who came so close I could have pet her just a few weeks earlier spotted me at quite a distance and started sounding the alarm quack.

Duckling Photo #2.  The males immediately swooped in like Secret Service Agents protecting the President.  They formed a ducky barrier between Mama, Ducklings, and me as Mama swam the wee ones to a safe place away from the paparazzi me.

Duckling Photo #3.  On the far side of the creek, it seemed to dawn on Mama that I don’t have webbed feet.  She also seemed to sense that I’m not really that great a swimmer (which is true) and showed a little less urgency as she hustled the ducklings up onto dry land and off to a safe place in the woods. 

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  1. Hmmmmm, what kind of camera do you have again? With mine I know that I have to lower the ISO to get better quality shots sometimes. Also playing with your Apature helps, raising it helps the quality as well. I’m still learning as well so I’m not that much of a help HAHA!

  2. awww to cute. Sorry I don’t have any tips.. I am new myself. 🙂


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