May 15, 2012

New Pointe Shoes

Being fitted for pointe shoes is at least an hour-long committment.  It’s essential that the slipper fit just right so that the ballerina has the support she needs to dance on her tip toes.  I snuck in this shot while my oldest daughter was being fitted for her new pair.

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  1. OMG I wish my legs looked like that!! LOL. Great shot!

    • Yeah, she’s tall and skinny for sure. Her hips are about as big around as one of my thighs!

  2. Oh that’s awesome! Really like that picture a lot! I’m a dancer at heart, but that’s about it HAHA

  3. I remember those days. I put them on sometimes so my girls can watch me do a pirouette or two. Twenty-five years later, I may not be as graceful, but I can still do it! The tap shoes are a different story… LOL

    • Wow, Shannon, that’s awesome! Clearly my daughters do not get any dancing talent from me. I was in one ballet class as a preschooler and that was all I was able to do growing up. I can’t even keep up at Zumba! 🙂


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