This week’s theme for my 52 Week Project is “Jump” so I thought I’d share these images of my littlest puddle jumper. You Might Also Enjoy: After the Rain Project 52, Week 19: Shoes Project 52, Week 18: Shadows

While shooting cows, I noticed this fence post around the acreage where they were grazing. What do you think?  Do you have a preference below? Fence Post #1. Fence Post #2. You Might Also Enjoy: Mama Cow and Calf Old Barn on the Way to the Airport Wordless Wednesday:  How Shutterbug Sage Works in the […]

On the way home from my daughter’s choir concert Thursday evening, a herd of cows that rotates through three large pastures was right up by the gate.  While I’ve caught glimpses of the cows, and all of the baby calves, over the past several months, it’s been hard to capture them with my camera because […]