May 19, 2012

Mama Cow and Calf

On the way home from my daughter’s choir concert Thursday evening, a herd of cows that rotates through three large pastures was right up by the gate.  While I’ve caught glimpses of the cows, and all of the baby calves, over the past several months, it’s been hard to capture them with my camera because their pastures are surrounded by mature trees.  They really need to be by the gate for me to have any shot at shooting them.

As soon as I pulled over and jumped out of the car, they startled and ran deeper into the pasture.  By standing still and letting me observe them for a while, they eventually got close enough that I could fire off a halfway decent picture with my zoom.  I wish it had been just a little earlier in the evening and that they’d come just a tad closer, but I don’t think this is a completely terrible shot.  I think the way the setting sun is hitting them keeps it from being too blurry or far.  But, I may be kidding myself.

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  1. Not a bad shot at all! I have a herd of cows in my kitchen so I’m particularly fond of this shot. And, you jumping out to take pictures makes me feel so much better about my photo obsession. Well, it’s getting close to an obsession 😀 Well done!

    • Thanks, Debby! My girls sqealed and rolled their eyes when I stopped, but one of my 13-yr-olds had a friend with her, and the friend thought it was fun!

  2. Next time, don’t jump out of the car. Think how you would react if I pulled up next to you and rushed out of my car and pointed something at you. This is a nice shot though.

    • Yes, you’re right Randy. To be clear, they spooked when the first car door opened, not because we rushed them, me holding a camera. I appreciate what you’re saying and think I’m generally sensitive to how it feels from the animal’s perspective. Most of my other shots I think show that. These cows were more skittish than usual, I think.

      • Sorry, I misunderstood.

      • Your point was valid! Of course an animal is going to get spooked if a car full of crazy people with cameras jump out and rush them! 🙂

  3. You had nice lighting that time of evening – the light outlines the cows perfectly.

  4. Ohhh, I do have a huge soft spot for cows 🙂
    (Toss in a calf and I’m sold every time!)


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