May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse

Lucky for me I landed in Phoenix and was at my sister’s house in time to see the solar eclipse through the pinhole she made in a piece of white paper.  Look closely, and you can definitely see the crescent that was the extent of the solar eclipse in this part of the state.

What about you?  Did you get to see the solar eclipse this evening? 

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  1. I DID get a chance- it was gorgeous! The clouds were just in the right place to actually see the ring of fiery glow.

    • Oooooohy, how cool! Are you going to share pics?

      • I will if they turned out well. I think they were mostly decorative, so I will still post when I get them off of my sweetheart’s phone, but I’m hoping some caught a glimpse of the eclipse itself.

  2. Yes, I can see it! Great!

  3. I can see it too! Was it as spectacular as they said it would be?..We didn’t see anything on the east coast..Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. LOL! My mom is going to freak out. She tried so hard to do that yesterday and it just didn’t work and my brothers were laughing at her saying she didn’t know what she was doing lol! So she will appreciate this 😛

  5. You were in Phoenix & didn’t call me! When you return to Phoenix, let me know!


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