Can you believe it’s been over a week since I’ve posted a photo of a barn?  Here’s an old barn I drive by quite often in Western Shawnee.  As an added bonus, this one almost always has horses out front. You Might Also Enjoy: Old Barn on the Way to the Airport Lake Lenexa Barn:  […]

My first paid job, not counting babysitting, was picking cherries.  As middle schoolers, my sister and I would ride our bikes from our little town just outside Maastricht, in the southern part of the Netherlands, to the town to the north of us and spend all day picking cherries with the sisters who lived next door to […]

Walking along Brush Creek on the Country Club Plaza, I loved the way the trees and buildings reflected in the water while the light off of the water reflected on the underside of the bridge. You Might Also Enjoy: Sure, I’ll Take Two! Walking by Brush Creek

After an evening paddle across Lake Lenexa, a kayak sits waiting to be picked up and hauled back home. You Might Also Enjoy: Lake Lenexa Barn:  Take Two Date Night Shipwrecked

I’m a cat.  Of course I always want to be on the other side of a closed door.  Hello, people!?! You Might Also Enjoy: Tentative First Steps Maybe My Twin Sister Will Save Me?