Sofia and I have tried to take evening walks in the meadow near our house as often as possible this summer.  She’s been dragging a camera along just like mom, and I loved this shot of her capturing a clover. You Might Also Enjoy: Monkey See, Monkey Do Brown Bagging It

There is a barn tucked behind trees at the bottom of a driveway that I’ve been wanting to photograph for a while.  It turns out that the driveway isn’t a residential one, but leads to a small dog boarding business so I drove down it and snuck a few shots.  This was my favorite. What […]

I’d barely left the airport when I spotted hay bale after hay bale under clear, blue skies in the fields to my right.   There was plenty of daylight left and I had no kids with me to complain, so I pulled over and shot hay bales to my heart’s content. This was my favorite. […]