Last night I had the incredible opportunity to attend my second farm-to-table dinner at Green Dirt Farm.  The meal was prepared by guest chef Nate Feldmiller from Cafe Europa and was spectacular in every way.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the event.

What do you think?  Have you attended a farm-to-table dinner before?  How was your experience?

When we first arrived, we were treated to Haymaker’s Switchel cocktails with lemon balm, mint, ginger, and prosecco…

…served with a smile by this delightful young lady on a silver tray.

The rugged, natural table was set with linen cloths and a fun collection of wine glasses ready to be filled in tandem with each of the four courses.  (Plus we were treated to a bonus fifth course that was divine.)

The barn in which the farm-to-tables are now served was originally used for lambing once up on a time.  It now includes this beautiful stained glass window.

While I took a photograph of every single course, I didn’t want to bore you by posting every single one.  Instead I’m sharing a photograph of my favorite course of the evening.  Well, actually the dessert course of a shortbread biscuit cookie topped with sheep’s milk ricotta, fresh peaches, and wildflower honey was my favorite, but I accidentally inhaled half of it before realizing I’d failed to snap a pic.  So what you see here is technically my second favorite course of the evening, a trout filet atop a creamy arugula pesto.

From my seat at the long, 30 person table, I could look straight out the barn to the covered porch where Chef Feldmiller was preparing and plating our courses.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I’ve been wanting to do this – I love the farm-to-dinner concept! (I wouldn’t have minded seeing photos of every course.) 🙂

    • Lindy, Green Dirt Farm’s dinners sell out every year in less than 30 minutes. They even added more dinners this year, and it still sold out that quickly! If you “friend” them on Facebook, folks who buy tickets and then have a conflict will post them up there for purchase. That might be your chance to still go this year on a special date night with hubby. If you live near the airport, then Westin shouldn’t be very far away at all!

    • Lindy, a woman from here in Kansas City posted a comment below that she had tickets to sell for the July 28th farm-to-table event due to a conflict. While she stated that she has four tickets, you could surely buy just two if just you and your hubby wanted to go. I just wanted to let you know about them in case you are interested. Please see the details in her comment by Julie Hensler below.

  2. Beautiful photos and what a wonderful adventure in dining!!

  3. Delightful – Love the dining hall. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m envious. Lovely photos! 🙂

  5. That looks like so much fun! No I’ve never been to one, but I loved these shots 🙂

  6. Hello – I must be doing something wrong on FB – keep trying to post this on the GDF page. Sadly I have 4 tickets to the July 28th dinner that I cannot use due to a conflict. If you know anyone who is interested in the tickets they can contact me at

    Here is the information:
    Chef Michael Foust, The Farmhouse

    Chef Michael Foust, The FarmhouseNo stranger to farmhouse cuisine, Chef Michael has built a restaurant around it. Executive chef and owner of The Farmhouse, this is Chef Michael’s third appearance at the farm. His farm-to-table ethos, tip-to-tail approach to cooking, and homestyle restaurant in Kansas City’s historic River Market are right at home at our farm. We love how Chef Michael couples his commitment to our local farming community with classically creative comfort foods of all types. Price: $130.00 per person.

    • Hi Julie, many of the folks who follow my blog live outside the Kansas City area, but there is one photo blogger who lives here and might be interested. I’ll be sure to shoot her a note! I’m so sorry you can’t make it to the dinner, and good luck selling your tickets!

  7. Seems like a great idea, and a great meal. Very nice photos from this event that I would love to attend. And to taste.

  8. Have never attended one of these but am looking forward to one later on this summer. Great post! Love the pictures 🙂


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