This coming Friday I’m headed to Montana with my Beloved to visit the in-laws.  I absolutely love Montana in the summer and cannot wait to take photos all day every day during our trip.  In order to prepare for what is sure to be a ridiculous number of photo opportunities with cows, here are a few recent shots of cows taken here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA.

Cow Photo #1.  This cow stopped to stare at me from his home in a field near Bucyrus.

Cow Photo #2.  In a field near the Weston Red Barn Farm, this cow was one of the few who would even give me the time of day pose for a pic.

Cow Photo #3.  At one point, the other cow got off her rump roast and came to check me out.

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  1. I love cows.. looking forward to your pictures of Montana. A state I’ve always wanted to visit.

    • Oh, Chillbrook, it is just gorgeous! However, I do recommend that you visit between May and September. I’ve also been there in November and December and it feels a bit like a trip to the North Pole. With beautiful mountains…

  2. Awww I love them so much!! I love how close up you got to the second one, super cute 😀 Thanks for the smile!

  3. I think there’s no such thing as a “ridiculous number” of cow pics! The more the better!


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