June 12, 2012


Fellow photoblogger, Sandy at Garden Path, recently shared a photo of something called a Calico Pennant.  It looked a lot like a flying insect I’d caught with my camera this past Friday night, only I would have called my subject simply a dragonfly.  I don’t think what I captured was the same, beautiful spotted dragonfly that Sandy shared, but I also don’t know any more about the species than that I’m pretty sure it’s a dragonfly.

Anyone know more about this critter?

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Join the conversation! 7 Comments

  1. I know it’s beautiful! Nice shot.

  2. This one is called Widow Skimmer, and it is the female. The male has white spots just to the sides of the dark ones, and a chalky tint to the dark body. Nice shot!

  3. I LOVE DRAGONFLIES!! Great picture! I don’t see them much lol

    • There were several of them just hanging out in the wildflowers when I snapped this. They are amazing creatures!


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