Back at the ranch Grandma’s House, we took a walk around the neighborhood and saw four jack rabbits on our journey.  I loved how this guy was snacking on a neighbor’s lawn right next to a robin. You Might Also Enjoy: Hippity, Hoppity Out on a Limb

On the way home from an amazing dinner at Edgar Bar, and after pulling over to photograph this log cabin, we drove past a large, open field that was over-run with prairie dogs. At least 100 of them.  Outside of a zoo, I’d never seen so many prairie dogs in my life! This was my […]

This gorgeous, old log cabin is south of Laurel, Montana.  Seeing it beyond a huge field of still green wheat and beneath this beautiful blue sky made me feel as if I was taken back in time to a real-life Dances with Wolves. Forget barns, my new obsession just might be log cabins… You Might Also […]

There are few places I’d rather visit during the summer than my Beloved’s home state of Montana.  The days are sunny and warm (but not hot) and the evenings cool off to lovely light jacket temperatures.  The scenery is beautiful, and my in-laws are delightful to be around. After several months of anticipation, it was […]

While exploring the outskirts of Weston this past weekend, we stumbled onto the Weston Red Barn Farm.  After buying some fresh peaches, we walked down to see the animals.  As I was snapping pics of the windmill, a white goose barreled toward us, hissing mad. Soon we saw why the goose was so aggressive… According […]