It’s not hard to understand why family farms continue to disappear across America.  It’s hard work, REALLY hard work, and it’s ridiculously expensive to get started.  One of the only ways that folks seem to be making it in farming today is when family farms are passed down from generation to generation.  But even then, many of the younger generations have career aspirations away from the farm.

While my Better Half grew up on a farm in Montana, his family sold it before we met.  However, he still has family who farm just outside of Hardin, Montana, and we had the incredible opportunity to spend  a day with them.  Our octogenarian host and hostess, along with their three sons who now run the farm, delivered the most amazing experience!

Do you have a favorite image below?  Have you had the chance to get this up close and personal to a working family farm?  What was most meaningful about your experience?

Farm Photo #1.  The wheat is much greener up here in Montana than it is back home Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA.  Here is a shot across a large field of it to a neighboring barn.

Farm Photo #2.  As our charming, octogenarian guide gave us the grand tour of his farm by pick-up truck, Queenie herded us along as if we were additional sheep or cows on her farm. 

Farm Photo #3.  If you’ve been following my blog for very long, you know how I love to photograph cows.  Back home, I’m always on the other side of the fence from the cows, and even then they tend to keep their distance from me and my camera.  This time, I was sitting on the open tail of a pick-up truck.  Inside the fence.  The calves still ran away and kept their distance.  The cows just stopped and stared.  But the bull!  See the bull in the back on the left? He was mooing and snorting at us.  He weighs a LOT more than I do.  And he really seemed to want to be on the other side of the fence with the cows in the greener pasture.  It didn’t help that, when I expressed my concern to my Better Half he said, “Yeah, usually those fences don’t hold them if they want to be on the other side at a time like this…”

Farm Photo #4.  While walking among the sheep made me feel much more at ease than riding among the cows, the sheep were very skittish.  Thankfully this guy was curious enough to stop and take a look at me so my photos weren’t entirely of sheep butts.

Farm Photo #5.  This guy was just curious enough, but under mama’s watchful eye.

Farm Photo #6.  No farm is complete without farm cats to keep the mouse and other critter  population at bay.  This kitten is about the same age (and coloring) as our Canyon.

Farm Photo #7.  The tractor ride was a big hit….

Farm Photo #8.  …even for a John Deere girl.

Farm Photo #9.  Apparently this is how a city girl visits a farm:  Hello Kitty t-shirt, skort, and pink John Deere ropers.

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  1. All very nice photos! I’m partial to that adorable lamb.

  2. How wonderful, I not-so-secretly want a farm of my own, including the sheep. Lovely photos, and I really like how you note how much work it is to farm.

    • Melanie, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging comments about my photos. Seeing first hand what farm families go through to raise our food is pretty eye-opening!

    • Poor kitty? How so? He was hiding and pouncing on his brother. He played peek-a-boo around a tree with my daughter. He let us hold him and purred like mad when we pet him. He was so cute and reminded us of our new little Canyon who we were really missing while we were gone. He was so sweet!


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