June 19, 2012

Zimmerman Trail

After a picnic along the Yellowstone River, Father’s Day ended with a walk along the Zimmerman Trail at dusk.  The walking trail is high above Billings along the rimrocks.  While the walk is definitely less paved and more treacherous than the Mill Creek Streamway Park trails I walk frequently back home, the views are simply spectacular.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the walk.  Do you have a favorite below?

Zimmerman Trail Photo #1.  I love the way this tree is growing out of the rock, high above the city of Billings.

Zimmerman Trail Photo #2.  I loved the way a ray of light illuminated a portion of the city in this shot.

Zimmerman Trail Photo #3.  The original trail, which is now a paved, modern road, was graded with a two-handled scraper that could only hold one yard of dirt.

Zimmerman Trail Photo #4.  Even bunnies are cuter as the sun prepares to set.

Zimmerman Trail Photo #5.  I loved the lighting and sky in this shot as we crossed the open meadow at the top of the rimrocks back to our car.

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  1. Montana looks gorgeous!

  2. I really like your blog so I am nominating you for One Lovely Blog Award. You don’t have to accept the award, if you’re not into that, I think your blog is awesome and I am tuned in for your next post. Keep on Blogging! (The post is http://wp.me/p2eEip-oE here)


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