Folks seem to really enjoy these A to Z posts, so here is another one, my third of the year.  There are so many talented photographers out there — amateurs and professionals alike — so check out this latest batch of some of my favorite shots in so far in 2012.

A – Asti White and Abbey Road

B – Biker in the Old Town, Buttercup and The Bench

C – Cork Factory, Carrer del Bisbe Bridge and Chime of the Day

D – Doylestown Walk in Reverse and Drinking

E – Emerging

F – Fisherman and La Fuente

G – Glacier and Glow

H – Happy Mother’s Day!Hanging Around and Her Ascent

I – Ingredients of a Dream

J – Jasper National Park and John Hancock Building

K – Kodak Instamatic and Karner Blue Butterfly

L – Leatherman Bridge and Lester’s

M – Mount Saint Helen, Mi Cafe, and Motherhood

N – New Day Dawning

O – Old and New and On the Verge

P – Pedestrian Crossing, Provence, Painterly Duck, and Pulsatilla

Q – Queen’s Offspring and Quack

R – Rural

S – Shirley Poppy and Sunset Sky

T – Take a Dive, Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish and Trebetheric to St Pancras

U – Unexpected Colors and Under the Bridge

V – Vineyard Treat and Very Close to Mom

W – Wave Pool and Wake Up

X, Y, and Z – Young and in Love and Halve Zolenpad

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  1. Oh, thank you for liking my “Biker in the Old Town”!!

  2. Ad thank you for liking my “Young and in love”!!

  3. Thanks so much. Glad you liked the pics. Thanks for introducing me to some new people and sites too. 🙂

  4. Thank you again shutterbug!! Am flattered you included my post (Her Ascent) here on your top pics 🙂 also enjoyed looking at your other listed sites — great choices all around ~ Best Always RL

  5. poo just saw “Wake Up” is mentioned here too! Thank you kindly … so appreciate!! 🙂

  6. Thank you for including my post here and to be among such accomplished company, I’m honoured. 🙂

  7. Thank you very much for including my photographs here. I am truly honored!

  8. I really enjoyed looking through the photographs you’ve posted here. Thank you so much for this wonderful post!

  9. I looked at all the photos you selected and must say that I am flattered that you chose my “glacier” photo to be in such good company. Thank you for introducing me to some great blogs that I hadn’t visited before.

  10. Many thanks Shutterbug Sage. I will have a look at the blogs featured here.

  11. What a nice idea! Thank-you for including me; I’m honored 🙂

  12. Thanks for including me in this lovely list, I really appreciate it.

  13. Me hace muy feliz al incluirme en tu lista, muchísimas gracias no tengo palabras, besos


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