While I’m not super happy to see all of these holes in the morning glory leaves on the trellis in the back yard, I did think these beetles were pretty cool looking.

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  1. Nice composition and light!

    • Thanks! While I’m not happy to see them devouring my morning glories, they are pretty cool looking beetles!

  2. Japanese beetles are a symptom of something else…grubs, (and moles aren’t far behind they feed on the grubs). The Japanese beetle is the adult stage of the white grubs that eat up the lawn. Best organic control is milky spore…fyi.

    • Oh, Anna, I’m both grateful and mortified by your comment. Grateful to know what they are and an organic way to treat them, but mortified to know that moles are nearby. We have a terrible issue with moles throughout my entire neighborhood. And, since all of us live on 2+ acres, there is never an inexpensive or permanent fix for them.

      Can you tell me any more about where to find/how to apply milky spore?


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