June 30, 2012

June Flowers

While flowers don’t bloom outdoors year round here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA, it’s hard not to photograph the heck out of what we do have from March through October.  To try to not overwhelm you with flower shots, I started saving them all up and posting them together a month at a time at the end of the month.  Here are the remaining June flowers I want to share.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

June Flowers Photo #1.  Flowers in my neighbors’ English garden as you approach their front door.

June Flowers Photo #2.  Lily at The Berry Patch as the sun sets behind the trees in the background.

June Flowers Photo #3.  Two new morning glories form on the vines in my backyard.

June Flowers Photo #4.  Wild roses along the bank of the Yellowstone River in Montana.

June Flowers Photo #5.  A prickly pear cactus blooms along the Zimmerman Trail in Montana.

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Join the conversation! 8 Comments

  1. Beautiful photos. Thank you – Love the Wild Rose bud and flower.

  2. All lovely, but the lily is by far my favorite. The composition is wonderful with the bokeh.

    • Thanks so much, Melanie! I loved the way the sun setting through the trees cast “sparkles” in the background!

  3. Beautiful shots, my favourite is the first one and I also really love the second one.

  4. I goodness I love them all 🙂

  5. My vote goes to the first!


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