While trying to capture the morning glories in bloom in the morning, I came across this guy on their leaves. You Might Also Enjoy: Shoo, Fly! Cool Flying Bug Busy as a Bee

I think the yellow flower is a black-eyed Susan.  I’m not sure what the flower is… Yellow Butterfly on a Yellow Flower #1. Yellow Butterfly on a Yellow Flower #2. You Might Also Enjoy: Self-Propelled Flower Happiness is a Butterfly

While sitting still in the backyard, this blue bird landed close enough that I could capture some halfway decent shots, first on the playground and then on the fence. Anyone know what kind of bird it is? Blue Bird Photo #1.   Blue Bird Photo #2.   You Might Also Enjoy: On a Tight Rope […]

My youngest (age 5) finally got up the courage to jump off of the diving board.  And now she won’t stop!

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