While I was walking on the Ironwoods Park trail, this water pump outside of the Historic Oxford School House caught my eye in the early morning sunlight. You Might Also Enjoy: Sculptures of Kansas City:  Prairie Lessons Sculptures of Kansas City:  Pioneer Crossing

I can’t believe that July is nearly over!  Usually I try to post all shots taken in a month up before the month ends so that I can start fresh on the first.  I still have several photos from July that I want to share, but today is my sweet niece’s fifth birthday so instead […]

My daughters and I were having fun making colors by mixing primary food colors, and I took a photo… You Might Also Enjoy: A Rainbow of Crayons Red, White, Blue…and Delicious! Pretty as a Peach

I love the way this sculpture, located in Ironwoods Park in Leawood not too far from the Oxford School House, is set on slabs of native stone with prairie grasses and wildflowers in the background.  I’m sure it’s much more picturesque in the spring, or any summer not fighting an aggressive drought, but I found it […]

I’m not sure what possessed me to play with a box of crayons.  Maybe it’s because school starts in a few weeks, and I still need to buy school supplies for my four kids.  Or perhaps it has to do with the milestone event of my oldest niece starting Kindergarten two weeks ago.  (Yeah, they start […]

After tennis class today, the Midtown Athletic Club held a watermelon eating contest as a fundraiser for the local blood bank.  Sofia came in third place and won four tickets to a Royals game.  In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have dressed her in a white t-shirt.  At least there is a lot of red mixed into […]

I hope I am not posting too many pet pics, but this was too cute not to share.  Here is our kitten, Canyon, catching a few zzzzzzs after playing hard on his kitty condo with his ball. You Might Also Enjoy: Sofia and Canyon More Canyon Meet Canyon