July 2, 2012

June Wrap-Up

I can’t believe I’m halfway through my 365 +1 Project (thank you Leap Year)!  While I continue to learn from amazing photographers from around the world every day, I’ve also learned that…

…I really want to visit Norway.  And OregonJasper National Park, and New Zealand.
…while Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA has its own advantages, I miss being closer to the ocean.
…before I die I want to get an amazing, breathtaking capture of a full moon.
…really talented photographers can take interesting shots of every day items like keys, corn, and a bicycle left outside all winter.
…I’m craving an opportunity to have one full day to do nothing but shoot street shots in some town in Europe.  I don’t even care which one.
…I really want it to rain again soon.

While all of these dreams have yet to become my reality, here are some of my favorite pics from June (click each thumbnail to see the original post).

Which image is your favorite?

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Join the conversation! 26 Comments

  1. Wow, they’re all fantastic, but if I had to pick just one I think I would pick the wooden bridge/walkway. I love the perspective and the sunlight shining through. To me, it looks like a path to adventure :).

  2. Hard to choose favorite but it would have to be one of these: #4 # 9 #12 #13

  3. My top three are the New Orleans street at night, the colorful sunset, and the horse. I really like them all – I think your photography has come a long way since you started your 365 project!

    • Lindy, saying that you’ve seen my progress is sooooo encouraging! Thanks for being one of my first followers and for always being so encouraging. I’ve learned a lot from you in particular this year, and I’m very grateful!

  4. Oooo love those pictures 🙂 Thank you so much for linking my site! I feel special 😀

  5. There were so many of your posts in June that were too beautiful for words. I particularly liked the ones you took in Montana – but a lovely.

  6. Fields of Gold gets my vote! Thank you for mentioning one of my post! Thank you, Thank you!

  7. Thanks for mentioning my post in your wrap-up. And wow, so many beautiful photos you have posted while I was away. It’s a tough decision choosing just one favourite. I really like the daisy, the bridge and the one of the lamb. All great! 🙂

  8. can i like all of them? 🙂

  9. Hmmm they are all so beautiful! I think the ones that stick out for me is the sunset one with the long grass, I just love that angle, totally my style 😀 And I love the bridge one too where you set your camera close to the ground to take it! Another great angle that i love to use as well!

  10. I been MIA but I am back and I love the this post. Thank you for the pingback. 🙂


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