July 5, 2012

Babysitting Chickens

My youngest daughter’s summer school/camp program is closed this week for the Fourth of July holiday.  The Montessori school was looking for volunteers to help care for the pig, rabbits, roosters, and hens that live on the property.  Since we had company coming to us and would be in town, we volunteered.  It’s been a blast to go let everyone out of the barn in the morning and get everyone back in at night!

As I was posing a few of the eggs I’d collected on some hay outside the barn for a photo op, a hen ran past in the background.  I squealed with delight with what that added to the moment and the shot.

Have you ever had farm-fresh eggs from free-range hens fed natural grains and allowed to behave like chickens?  Man, are they extra delish!  We had some scrambled with chives from my herb garden this morning.  Yum!

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    • Thanks, Melanie! I just got such a kick out of the hen running through the shot as I took it. I couldn’t have planned for (or repeated that) in a million years!

  1. i love that angle with the hen behind them! We used to have chickens of our own when I was little so we didn’t have to buy eggs! Being home schooled, it really was a lot of funny having a little farming feel to our school day 🙂

    • I *really* loved babysitting the chickens! We’ve been talking about getting a few hens, but I’m still not entirely sure. I will say that the scrambled eggs we made were amazing!

      I didn’t know you were home schooled. I wish I was able to do that for my kids, at least the ones who would dig that…

  2. I wish I could have some hens, and yes I have tasted such eggs. So great a taste, and to also know they have such a good life compared with the ones in the factories.

    • Oh, I can hardly even think about the life of a hen in an egg factory. It’s very, very sad!


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